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Tried and tested on humans!

Bringing together 50 years of research,Vetenox is a new  and unique formulation high in Omega 3, Galactolipids, natural Vitamins and antioxidants. Using only the finest natural Ingredients specially sourced from both land and sea,Vetenox is designed to maintain wellbeing and bring essential support to  joints, skin and coats in small and large animals.


Vetenox was developed by Dr Geoff Hayhurst and two experienced veterinarians Pat Hart and David Collins. Geoff one of Ireland’s leading Osteopaths also researched and developed Paradox ,a unique and innovative Omega supplement for humans. After 20 years of experience treating his own patients he noticed many were gaining little benefit from poor quality products. Paradox was therefore formulated using 50 years of scientific research to produce a high quality Omega supplement. Vetenox continues  Geoff’s development of new strategies designed to deliver natural medication with genuine health benefits that should be affordable and totally safe. During his successful career as an Osteopath Geoff also became interested in the health of animals as mirroring his experiences in the human world there were also very few Omega products used by veterinarians which met his high standards.


Working with two of Ireland’s most experienced veterinarians Pat Hart and David Collins, Geoff has used the same fundamental principles he researched in the development of Paradox to create a totally natural product designed to maintain wellbeing and provide essential support to skin ,coats and joints in small and large animals. Using only the finest raw materials nature provides Vetenox equine canine and feline contains only human grade marine and plant based cold pressed oils delivering a unique formulation high in Omega 3, Galactolipids, natural Vitamins and Polyphenol antioxidants.

About Us

The Vets


David S Collins, MRCVS

David Collins has 30 years experience of the veterinary pharmaceutical industry and was involved in government licencing of UK veterinary products. “Optimum nutrition is vitally important, in the prevention and treatment of disease, and maintaining general well being”.



Pat Hart has over 30 years experience in small animal practice specialising in dermatology. “As well as seeing improvement in skin and coat conditions there was also improved mobility and activity leading to reduced dependancy on stronger anti-inflammatory drugs”.

Dr Geoff Hayhurst

Founder of Paradox Oil